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Artist Statement

As an artist I find myself drawn to the outside world around me. From a young child I have always been fascinated with nature, the beauty of the landscape and the wonder of plants and gardens. Both of my grandmothers gave me a real love for gardening.

To this day I have continued with these early loves. I can’t get in a car and go to town without seeing the beauty of the world around me. I see future paintings everywhere I look. Even on the bleakest of days I see beauty. As an artist I am drawn to color. When I look at the snow I don’t see white I see the colors of pink, lavender and yellow. I see intense color everywhere I look. When I look at the sky I see pink and lavender in the clouds. When I look at the water I see beautiful blues and greens. It is a part of me that goes to my very core. The beauty I see everywhere I look is what drives me to paint.

It is my desire that as an artist I continue to constantly improve. I believe my greatest paintings are yet to come!

For years I have, on a daily basis, said to myself, “If I could only capture that on canvas, if only others could see what I see.” My desire is to paint what I see so that everyone around me can see it; everyone around me can experience what I experience. It is my desire to paint “Windows to My World”.